Who am I?

Tuesday, 16. February 2021 @ 12:11:37 | #welcome #who-am-i #hello #first-post


My name is Florian I'm known under the alias of Krypton. (I use kkrypt0nn for social medias.)
I'm still student my daylight, but whenever it gets dark, I become a black cat playing around and coding random stuff.
By daylight I'm not someone very special, beside being a human. By night, that's completely different. I become someone that many people like (I hope) and support my work.


Developing has been a big theme for me as soon as I discovered what it actually was. I've been working on random stuff for a long time, never really had a big project until 2017 (still secret). So let's hope I can enjoy this as long as possible :)


Security, hacking, research, etc. there are many ways to call this. I personally like Security Researching, this became my career path for some reason. I've never really got attracted by a lot of other themes in computer science. Reverse Engineering is a big theme for me, I really like it and to learn it, this might not be the case for everyone.

Social medias

Like every normal human I use social medias. Here is the entire list:


There's not a lot to write about myself because I'm not someone really special or popular in any way, so I don't have many things to add. If you like my work you can always support me by donating or simply joining my discord server.


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